In 2013 IKOI Srl was Main Contractor and chief of the Industrial Project Plant for the construction of the Kazakhstan Government new Refinery at Astana.

Tau-Ken Altyn LLP is one of the key projects realized in the Astana Industrial park within the first five-year plan of Forced Industrial Innovative Development Program (FIID). The project’s implementation has started in 2011.  The President of Kazakhstan launched the construction of a plant in July 2012.
The official opening ceremony with participation of the Head of State took place  in December 2013. 
According to the projects the plant’s capacity is no less 25 tons of refinery gold and 50 tons of silver a year.
The precious metals refinery’s activity is divided into seven stages: pre-melting shop, laboratory analysis, silver electrolysis shop, gold electrolysis shop, bars founding shop, neutralization department, and technical control department.
The key one is of course pre-melting shop equipped with unique furnaces with different loading capacity -  5kg, 10kg, 30kg, 2 furnaces  for 60kg and 150kg.
Central  laboratory
This laboratory is designed for rapid and effective analytical support of the technical processes and fair indisputable analysis of incoming raw materials and finished products. The first results of gold, silver will be ready within 10 minutes.
In this April the laboratory was granted universal recognition.
Silver electrolysis shop
The shop manufactures 1 cathode silver with frequency 99.99% and other electrolysis products.
At sufficiently high number of the raw material, it is possible to produce up 400 tons of cathode silver a year instead of the routine production of 50 tons. 
Gold electrolysis shop
The shop  produces  cathode gold corresponding to its quality characteristics.
The planned capacity of the shop is 25 tons a year. Currently it has all enough technical potential to reach production capacity equal to 75 tons of cathode gold annually,” chief technologists Kairat Kalizharov noted.
Bars founding shop
This shop manufactures a ready product form the cathode gold obtained from the electrolysis shop of gold and silver crystals of silver electrolysis shop from which the pellets are molded. According to the technical sequences gold and silver bars are produced from the pellets, " chief of bars founding shop Dair Temirkhan stated.
The main furnace for the production of standard gold bank bars weighing 400 ounces, which is about 12 kg. By the way, the standard allows found from 11 to 13,3kg. It should be noted following the process bars do not require the handling and grinding.
Similar furnace for the production of standard silver bars weighing 1,000 ounces from 28kg to 32kg.
It should be noted, last year, the gold refinery  has realized  around nine tons of gold bars to forex reserve of the Kazakhstan’s National Bank.
The first shipment took place on April 2,2014 year. The volume of the first  shipment was  near 500 kilo of 99,99% hallmark standard banking bars  totaling  over 21 million dollars. 
By the way, three Kazakhstan’s plants Kazzik LLP, Kazakhmys LLP and Tau-Ken Altyn LLP realize final products to the National Bank. Herewith they are technological addition to each other and together are able  to refine all Kazakhstan’s raw materials.
A number of Kazakhstani gold producers are the plant’s suppliers.
After the melting and complete quality control by the experts of the technical control department, the bars are sent to the branding zone. According to the standard, the manufacturing country’s GOST stigma and the trademark of the manufacturing plant  as well as stuffed year, batch number, serial number and quality applied.
Exchange treatment zone
Exchange treatment zone is fitted with equipment for the collection of all waste water used in the processing chain and life. The water passes the full extent of cleaning and returns to the initial process, i.e. is negotiable, process water supply. The remaining solid waste collected and transferred for further processing.
It worth nothing, within EXPO 2017, the precious metals refinery is a decent example of Kazakhstan’s transfer to  ecologically clean and green technology.
According to the plant, the equipment is provided  in frames  of the agreement with IKOI company. The equipment has no analogs at the territory of Kazakhstan and the CIS states and used by world leading refining plants of Europe.
It should be noted over 70 people employed at the plant, among them 34 involved in the production process. Almost half of the personnel complete training in Italy and have corresponding certificates.

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