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The Stamped Jewelry or Stamped Cutlery cycle begin with fine metal and the alloy which are placed together into a pre-melting furnace.

Then the liquified metal (fine + alloy) goes into a melting furnace where it starts solidyfing (as thick strip) as it exits from a graphite die at the bottom.

The strip gets reduced in thickness as it goes trough the rolling mills. As the thickness gets smaller the metal itself hardens so it’s necessary to do some annealing deoxydating steps into a static annealing furnace.

The strip at the final thickness gets cut to width in the profiling machine.
The strip then goes trough a stamping process in the press, the “stamped halfs” or “stamped shells” now need to be soldered by going trough a soldering furnace; anyhow with certain designs it’s necessary to TIG weld the 2 halfs of the earrings with the welding unit.

With the 2 halfs of the earrings firmly soldered as 1 piece the earrings can go for the final steps of their production process which includes cleaning, polishing and accessories welding.

  • Production process

  • Static melting furnace

  • Continuos casting furnace

  • Rolling mills for strip

  • Static annealing furnace

  • Profiling machine

  • Strip cutter

  • Belt furnace

  • Tumblers and Ultrasonic

  • Stamping Press

  • Welding Unit

  • Belt furnace

  • Hardening furnaces

  • Hydrogen and Oxygen generator (H2+O2)

  • Nitrogen generator (N2)

  • Chiller units